3 Reasons to Call a Nursing Home Attorney

Aging is difficult. Between the natural process and gradual health issues, many people need assistance in taking care of themselves. For many, that means entering a nursing home or care facility, as up to 40% of Americans do. However, many patients become the victims of nursing home neglect. Below are several signs of abuse and neglect for families to look for.

Short Staffing and High Turnover

When a nursing facility is constantly short-staffed and there’s a high staff turnover rate, it’s more likely that patients may suffer from mistakes or neglect. If staff is overworked, it is hard for the workers to give each patient the attention he or she deserves, and it’s easier to make mistakes. When a home has a high turnover rate, they may cut corners by hiring unqualified workers, which can also lead to negligent behavior. When visiting loved ones, family members should observe call response times and they should ask the patient about the care they receive.

Falls and Lack of Prevention

Anyone can fall, but many patients enter nursing homes due to mobility issues. Therefore, it is very important for a nursing facility to be kept free of fall hazards, and for the staff to be attentive enough to prevent falls. If a patient falls, or if family members see potential hazards, it’s a significant red flag. A fall can be devastating for an elderly person, as they’re more likely to suffer broken bones or even death.

Unexplained Injuries

Mysterious welts, bruises, and other injuries are indicative of nursing home abuse, and bedsores can show that the staff isn’t providing basic care. Unexplained injuries may show that the patient is being abused by staff members, or that staff isn’t being careful when working with a patient. Marks around ankles or wrists may demonstrate that the facility is using restraints incorrectly.

These are some of the signs that a person may be suffering from nursing home neglect. Families should be on the lookout for other signs such as poor hygiene and staff who are reluctant to allow private conversations between patients and family. If a relative suspects abuse or neglect, they should call a nursing home attorney for help and advice. 3