5 Ways to Make Joint Cust

Shared custody of children is often used as the battleground many divorced couples feel is okay to square off and continue the ax grinding whether the kids are present or not. Below are five ways to make joint custody arrangements easier on your kids and less stressful to the adults.

Avoid Negatively Speaking of the Other Parent

Speaking ill of the other parent to or around your children can make things awkward and seem depressing for them. It makes them feel as if they are being forced to defend one or a sense of betrayal takes root. Do what you need to to keep personal animosity in check.

Be Timely Picking Up and Dropping Off Kids

Children need to have structure and routine. If you are late picking them up consistently they can begin to wonder if you really want to spend time with them at all.

Be Fair About Sharing Holidays

Make sure the absent parent gets at least some quality time with the kids during major holidays. Make an amicable agreement ahead of time so that everyone knows what to expect. Barring a major medical problem, make sure the agreement is followed.

Include the Other Parent In Major Decisions and Events

It’s difficult for kids to adjust to having both parents in different homes. Be sure and include the absent parent in any major decisions that affect the child and invite them to events. School plays, sporting events, awards ceremonies, and anything else your child would enjoy having both parents in attendance.

Set Aside Differences and Don’t Fight In Front of Your Kids

The last thing your children need after surviving your divorce to hear more fighting. Always keep things civil in front of the kids. It doesn’t require being overly friendly, but at least avoid fights and bickering.

Contact an expert in family law Vancouver WA families trust to help create the perfect custody agreements that benefit everyone. A firm custody agreement can keep things moving forward to keep the lives of your children stable and healthy.