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Finding the Best Lawyer in Your Local Area One of the most common questions asked to us by adults such as our parents, relatives and teachers, when we were still young is what do we want to become when we grow up, and with that specific question we tend to picture out ourselves on what we want to become in the future. To become a professional and to have a career is one of the most common dreams, goals and wishes of human beings, and having such dreams, goals and wishes in life will help us in becoming a better person in the future because I do believe that our fate or our future lies within our own hands. The dream of becoming a lawyer is one of the most common and sought out professions of many people, not just because of the reason that it is definitely a good paying profession but they have the ability to help others who really are in need of their services with regards to the laws and juridictions. The people who wants to become a lawyer needs to possess a lot of determination, patience and courage in order for them to achieve and accomplish such dreams and goals in life, because obviously, this kind of profession is not an easy one, especially when you are dealing with the laws and the jurisdictions of your state and you should familiarize yourself with it as you practice the laws yourself. In order to accomplish and to achieve your dreams of becoming a lawyer, you need to finish all of the five basic steps that you have to face in order to become successful, the first step is to have and earn a bachelor’s degree which can help you proceed to the next step which is in the law school, the second one is to take and pass the entrance or admission exams of law schools, the third one is to earn a degree of Juris Doctor or J.D. Degree, the fourth one is to volunteer and participate in clerkships which can help you to be familiarize in the works of law firms, and the last one is to pass the bar examinations in your state. A professional lawyer has a lot of responsibilities and duties which are based on what they specialized in their profession though in some countries a lawyer can do all of these responsibilities and duties and that includes client intake and counseling, written or oral advocacy in administrative or court hearings, research and drafting of court papers and legal documents, oral argument in courtrooms, legal advice, protecting intellectual property such as industrial designs, trademarks and patents, drafting and negotiating contracts, carrying out the intent of their deceased clients such as drafting their wills and trusts or any other documents of their deceased client, and the last one is the prosecution and defense of people who has done illegal activities or what we called as criminal suspects. To be able to find the best lawyer in your local area you can try finding them and get their contact details through the local newspapers, the internet or from the suggestions and recommendations of relatives, families and friends.

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