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Handling DWI Cases Drunk driving if aptly called DUI or driving under the influence of alcohol,which is most common acronym for this, but in some states you will hear them saying DWI instead, meaning driving while intoxicated. Other terms are sued for this case to signify other charges. Drunken driving, whatever acronym you might wish to use for it, is a serious offense that bear serious penalties for those who are caught. These penalties, however, depend on the amount of alcohol while caught with it driving. It will determine an increasing severity to any one state across the country. This is all in an effort to reduce the number of injuries and death on its highways. And because they find this a serious offense, a conviction will cost you money as penalty or other corollary impediments such as a consequence of it, might even restrict from your job when you are found with a record of conviction. The state finds DWI a serious offense and most vehicular accidents have caused property loss, injuries, and deaths, and it has been proven dangerous because of the known influence of alcohol on people.
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Many argue that each person responds differently to the effect of alcohol, and this is the reason why these have largely been contended by lawmakers as well as consumers.
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If we define the meaning of intoxication , then perhaps we can rightly assess the points of contention and argumentation. Intoxication is the state before passing out, when drinking alcohol. In other words, it is the point at which alcohol depresses the central nervous system so that one’s mood, physical and mental abilities are noticeably changed. Measuring the alcohol content in the blood is the only means by which you can tell if a person is already intoxicated. Medical experts say that one has reached the point of intoxication when you blood alcohol content or BAX reaches 08. The contentions can be silenced with this medical finding so if state say the 06 or 07 or 08 levels as in New York are guilty of DWI, then no one can argue anymore. There will be severe punishment to those who are caught anywhere around this matrix. It should be noted though that when we speak of tolerance, this has nothing to do with alcohol content of your blood. You body will refuse to make alcohol go to your blood stream if you can tolerate it. So when we speak of a person responding to different alcoholic tolerance, this is based on the person’s weight or type, gender, food taken strength of drink mood, under medication, etc.