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Measures Taken in a Car Accident Law A combination of personal injury law and traffic law is what we refer to as car accident law. After a car accident you should hire a car accident attorney who will use the rules provided by the constitution to determine who is responsible for what during the time of the accident. Such responsibilities include damage of property and personal injuries that resulted from the accident. In this sector of law there is a principle of negligence that will be applied. For compensation after a car accident there are four basic element that you will have to prove. These elements are duty, breach, causation and harm. For you to successfully get compensated in car accident law there are some steps that you have to take following an accident. Silence is the first step you have to take after a car accident. After a car accident do not agree to talk about what happened or admit anything before talking to your car accident attorney As simple as it sound sit can result to loss of complications because the other driver might be taking notes that can be used against you. This step will be a determining factor for what will follow or happen in the other stages. In car accident law the so called “hearsay” is allowed and even a simple apology can be used against you in a court of law. So keep everything to yourself and call your car accident attorney who will take you through the next steps. Secondly keep record of what has just happened during the accident. Find something to use in recording if the areas of the accident scene does not have public security cameras. Using electronic gadgets such as phones, audio recorders or tablets can be useful. In case the other driver speaks of anything record what he or she has to sayu. Note down the drivers name, license plate, home address and license information. Before leaving the accident scene contact the nearest traffic police to come and note down what has happened and file a report for you. The police will be the one to free both of you.
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You should then head to the hospital to seek medical attention. Do not take it lightly that you are okay, there might be internal injuries that are worse. Make sure you do an x-ray and scanning. In case of any fresh injuries keep the record and hand them over to your cat accident attorney who will help you claim the compensation.
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Finally, meet your car accident attorney and present everything that you have about the case to him or her. Your car accident attorney will now be ready to represent you in court and make sure you are compensated for any losses.