Have You Been Accused of a Hit and Run?

Drive-off collisions are just as common as they are unfair to the victims, and it’s understandable why both law enforcement and insurance companies have the motivation they do to pursue investigations into these incidents. At the same time, though, the nature of the crash makes it very hard for people to accurately identify both the vehicle and driver involved in many circumstances. Unless the vehicle in question is incredibly distinctive or someone manages to accurately get the entire license plate, matching the car in the accident to a car on the road doesn’t necessarily mean finding the person responsible. Every day that complicates the lives of regular drivers, and they need the help of a lawyer to sort it out.

Issues With Eyewitness Testimony

Studies have shown that eyewitness accounts are very unreliable, and they get more unreliable when certain investigative measures are used to pursue a case. That means even in a lot of cases where someone remembers a license plate, they remember it inaccurately. This happens even more when they do not self-report the number, they provide it in full or partial form when asked. Navigating the accuracy of witnesses requires someone with experience, so you need a hit and run lawyer Fairfax who has seen a lot of these cases.

Protect Your Rights

If you think you might have panicked and done something that is against the law, you need to protect your rights to make sure the consequences remain proportional to the incident. This can be even harder if you made a mistake than if the police did, and that makes having the right help essential to your future. Whether you’re looking to navigate the situation in a way that avoids over-charging or you’re looking to prove you had nothing to do with the incident, the unique nature of these cases makes having an attorney who has done a lot of them a very good idea.