Safety for My Son and I

I used to have the perfect marriage, and when my son was born, I thought that my family would be together forever. That was before things changed with my husband. He became a completely different person and I couldn’t live with him anymore. He was verbally abusive and threatened to hit me many times. I no longer felt safe in my own home, and feared for my child’s safety. I contacted an Austin child custody lawyer so that I could get full custody of my son and finally move out of the house.

My husband hired his own lawyer and wanted full custody for himself. He had no problem with me getting a divorce from him, but he was totally against me having full custody. After the threats he made to me, I knew that there was no way that a judge would ever grant him full custody of a child. I don’t want to even imagine what he would do to my son if he were alone with him. If anything that happened during our marriage could make him angry, then I bet even the tiniest things that my son could do would make him furious.

After some discussion, the judge decided that I would be granted full custody of my son. My husband was not happy to hear this. He also place a restraining order on me and my son. I moved out of the house with my son and moved in with my sister until I had enough money to move into an apartment. My son and I live a better life without the sounds of yelling echoing through the halls. My ex-husband has no idea where I live, so he won’t be able to find us. I hope that my son hasn’t picked up any of my ex-husband’s bad habits.