Saving Money at Home Vs Saving Money in the Bank

until now, some of us still have the concept of saving money at home with a sizeable nominal at our respective homes. Right? Thriftbox also vary, some are in the wardrobe, safe deposit box, until there were under the mattress. The old school concept is still a reason for people to save money in the house. They considered that by saving money at home, several advantages can be obtained.

It is quite easy to keep money at home. But many people are not too serious about it. People often prefer to be in the comfort zone indicator to keep money at home. more info ou can visit

Compared to keep money at home, saving money in the bank will be more advantageous in some respects, among them are:

  1. Obtain interest

The major advantage if saving money in the bank is money saved will earn interest, so direct that money has value. In addition to adding the nominal money, interest function also aims to keep the nominal money from inflation, so in real terms, your money is not eroded resulting value is diminishing.

  1. Safer

In terms of security, the bank offers a security guarantee facility. You do not have to worry about money will be lost or stolen. Besides being more secure, saving money in the bank can also prevent forgetting where to put your money if store at home. For example, to save money in a fairly complex found in your home, so that the risk of forgetting where the money saved will be even greater.

  1. More practical

The bank itself also provide facilities and other conveniences if you save or save money in the bank. Saving money at home it difficult, if later used for the transaction. Why? Because if needed, we are required to carry money in large quantities. Meanwhile, if saving money in the bank, we can use a debit card with just a swipe or by transfer. That we can do so that it can minimize the sense of insecurity when conducting transactions with others. Another plus, with a customer of a bank, you also benefit if make installment payments as the Home Ownership Loan or Car Loan.

By looking at the comparison above, do you still want to save money in large quantities in the house? Remember, your money is one of the assets that you have. Do not get the wrong save money, you accept huge losses just because careless or forget to put money in the house.

Try to set aside enough cash in the house which will be reserved for daily living expenses. As for saving money, you can use the services of the bank so that the money you save can be safer and at the same time earn interest.

If you want to perform any transaction, avoid carrying too much cash because at the same time you can use a debit card to shop if you keep money in the bank. Now the choice is in your hands, if they want to save money in large quantities in the house?