Signing Up for Court-ordered Classes on the Internet

Many judges today will give first-time or low-risk offenders a chance to rehabilitate themselves rather than sentence them to jail. Judges want to avoid jail overcrowding and exposing some types of offenders to life behind bars.

When the judge who is in charge of your case has given you the chance for rehabilitation instead of jail time, he or she may caution you to follow the sentencing guidelines carefully so you can satisfy the terms accordingly. You may be advised to sign up for anger management, alcohol counseling, or online substance abuse courses immediately after your case has been decided.


You might wonder how the judge will know whether or not you signed up for the classes mandated in your sentencing. Will he or she check up on you or expect you to give some type of proof of your enrollment?

The company is accustomed to working with judicial systems from around the country, allowing any judge to verify if offenders have complied with the terms of their sentencing. The company will alert the judge or the probation officer in charge of your case of your enrollment and compliance. It may also keep the court updated on how you are progressing as you take the lessons.

After you finish the lessons, the company will also send notification to the court or officer to let him or her know that you have completed the terms of your sentencing. The proof will be sent by mail or electronically, thus allowing you to be released from your sentence and also avoid going to jail for failure to comply.



Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be allowed to avoid paying for the courses. The website has instructions for how to enroll so you will not be charged.

Otherwise, if the judge has not agreed to pick up the tab for your lessons, you will be expected to pay out-of-pocket for your own class tuition. The company accepts credit cards and other forms of payment so you can pay and then get started with the coursework right away.